West Sweden's largest job and education fair

Do you want to reach high school students and young people on their way into working life? Then you should participate in Knowledge & Future - the fair for everyone who wants to gain more knowledge about post-secondary education and future career opportunities.

At kunskap & framtid, you meet young people who are choosing their path

Kunskap & Framtid is one of the largest inspiration and education fairs for everyone who is choosing their path towards the future. A unique meeting place where you as an exhibitor meet high school students and their parents, career changers, job seekers, globetrotters, study and career counselors, and many more.

The fair is aimed at everyone who wants to continue studying, change their career direction, or maybe take a break from their studies and work abroad for a year. We want Kunskap & Framtid to inspire visitors to new exciting study or career choices. Maybe your participation can help individual visitors find the key to the future.

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Who do you want to meet?

Final-year high school students

Every year, 20,000 students from western Sweden walk out of high school for the last time. Among these young people are those motivated to study, those eager to travel, those hungry for work, and those who haven't quite made up their minds. A large portion of them come to Kunskap & Framtid - you don't want to miss them, do you?

Career changers

In today's ever-changing world, it is not uncommon to have multiple careers throughout one's working life. Universities of Applied Sciences are one of the exhibitor groups that are usually especially attractive to those who are eager for a new career path.

Job seekers

Job seekers also come to Kunskap & Framtid in search of job opportunities or inspiration for a new career path. Take the opportunity to help them think outside the box and leave the fair with expanded horizons.


Many young people want to go out and explore the world before the "real" adult life begins. Au pair jobs, studying abroad, and volunteer trips are all exciting options for this target group.

Quotes from visitors

"My hopes for the fair were to find a school that suits me as I want to become a teacher. I have found several different options, so now it will be difficult to choose."

Alva Glimstrand, 18 years old, Vänersborg

"I'm not keen on studying right after high school, but rather want to work for a while first. At the fair, I've received tips on both jobs and future university studies."

Hilda Stenberg, 18 years old, Gothenburg

"The best thing about the fair was to learn about what the universities can offer. I am interested in architecture. Both Chalmers and Lund have interesting programs."

Jacob Rosenqvist, 18 years old, Gothenburg

Quotes from exhibitors

"It has been fantastic days in Gothenburg! We encountered a hunger at this year's fair that we have not experienced before. The visitors were more interested, more actively seeking information. The flow in our booth was extremely good. It seems that the need for information and the lack of a fair have increased during the pandemic."

Emil Andersson, Project Manager, Linnaeus University

"This year, we took a new initiative. To make it easy to find the right education, we gathered eight vocational colleges in one place, the YH Square. Together, they offer a large number of education programs developed in close collaboration with the industry. Many people appreciated the opportunity that vocational education offers for job-oriented training that really leads to a job. The initiative was very successful, and our square was filled with interested and motivated visitors. The response has been fantastic!"

Anna Hansback, Event Manager, square ofvocational colleges

"After the pandemic, many people want to study abroad, and we encountered a colossal interest at this year's fair. The most popular destinations are the USA and England, often with focuses on graphic design, economics, and acting. Blueberry represents a range of colleges and universities, and all our programs are eligible for financial aid from the Swedish National Board of Student Aid, which solves most problems."

Lars Garvik, Development Manager, Blueberry College & University

"We are amazed by the great interest at Kunskap & Framtid, where we participated for the first time. We need to recruit and received over 100 applications for our international trainee program, which we are very happy with."

Björn Jensen, CEO of Blue Water Shipping, Sweden

"This was a very good fair for us, with many good conversations in our booth. We had the opportunity to demystify the admission process to Lund University. That there is something for everyone, with 275 programs and 1,444 freestanding courses to choose from. During the fair, there has been great interest in all of our programs."

Daniela Dolenec, Communications Officer, Lund University

"The interest has been enormous! We have had an incredible flow of visitors in our booth and had thousands of fruitful conversations. We even talked with high school students from our hometown, Jönköping. There have been many questions about our healthcare and economics programs, and we have also noticed an increased interest in programs taught in English."

Jesper Johnsson, Communications Officer, Jönköping University

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